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Healthy, Genuine, and Safe (WITHOUT STARCHES)

Three fundamental principles underpinning every one of our products in respect of nature and health, but most importantly, WITHOUT STARCHES. Now found in too many commercially available foods, starches are used as thickeners to increase the shelf life of preparations and boost production yields, often at the expense of quality and genuineness.

Our preparations embody a completely different philosophy, maintaining their natural creaminess derived from the raw materials themselves. There are dozens of articles available online from reliable sources to explore this topic further. We recommend dedicating 10 minutes for greater food awareness.

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The best products on the market, genuine and delicious! I have purchased the sauces you produce many times, one better than the other! The difference from the commercial product is felt! I purchased the latest TRUFFLE GRATED product and made a great impression with my friends! Kindness of staff and very creative! I recommend to all these products! (Translated by Google)

Daniela Bocciarelli / Facebook

Excellent products

(Translated by Google)

Giuliano Cic / Facebook

 Serious company with excellent products all without preservatives and without chemical additives. Very important, it has GLUTEN FREE products (Translated by Google)

La Strega Angelica /